The Juniper Park Civic Association - Serving Middle Village & Maspeth Since 1938
Serving Middle Village and Maspeth since 1938.
Next Meeting: Thursday, September 22, 2016 @ 7:45:00 PM   Location: Our Lady of Hope School

Elizabeth Crowley to Maspeth: DROP DEAD!

A light rain was falling as Community Board member Jerry Drake addressed about 200 protesters on Thursday night, August 25th in front of the Holiday Inn Express near Maurice Avenue and the L.I.E in Maspeth. Drake was the last speaker of the night and reported on a meeting he had earlier that day with Council Member Elizabeth Crowley in her Glendale office.

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The Spooky Record of Marge Markey

Marge Markey is running for re-election for the ninth time on a platform that she has been "looking out for the best interest of the 30th Assembly District." Unfortunately for the constituents of the 30th AD, the only interest she has been looking out for is her own.

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200th Anniversary of Middle Village, JPCA plans year-long events.

The neighborhood we know today as Middle Village would likely not exist had it not been for the towns of Williamsburgh in Kings County and Jamaica in Queens County in the early 19th century.

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Towing Blitz in Maspeth nets 16 Vehicles.

On Friday, June 5th the 104th Precinct conducted an all-night towing operation in Maspeth. The operation was in reply to numerous complaints about wrecked cars, many without license plates, parked throughout the area of Flushing Avenue, Grand Avenue and 59th Avenue

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The Wizard of Odd

Have you felt lately like you were conked on the head and awakened inside a nightmare? Or maybe that your house had been picked up by a cyclone and touched down in the Land of Odd?

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Commissioner Taylor to Homeless Families: DROP DEAD!

Last month, Gary Giordano, District Manager of Community Board 5Q, wrote a letter to Gilbert Taylor, Commissioner of the Department of Homeless Services (DHS), which included questions and concerns of proposing a homeless shelter next to a large chemical storage facility.

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No Place for a Home

The proposal for a homeless shelter (at 78-16 Cooper Avenue, Glendale) in the middle of a hazardous industrial complex is alarming on several levels. The site is located in a manufacturing zone that includes the Independent Chemical Corporation on 79th Place.

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The Invasion of the Bottle Snatchers

Residents have been complaining for years about bottle & can scavengers that regularly trespass onto private property. It's not a harmless act.

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A Lightweight Next to the Queens Machine

Political retribution and shenanigans that came to define the once powerful Tammany Hall still persists today.

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NYC's DOT and Community Board 5 would like to add more bike lanes in Middle Village & Maspeth, do you think it's a good idea?
Yes, it would make our streets safer for bicyclists.
No, bike lanes slow traffic and are rarely used in our area.
I don't know