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January Juniper Berry Magazine

January 1998 Juniper Berry

The Juniper Berry magazine has a rich tradition in the communities of Middle Village, Maspeth and Elmhurst. It was first published in 1938. The quarterly magazine is an all-volunteer effort and contains articles on crime prevention, neighborhood issues, meeting reports and notices, neighborhood history and photographs, guest articles, editorials and more.

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A Stray Dog Story

Dogs have been attached to our family for as long a I can remember. And we have always believed that once one has decided to acquire a dog as a pet, or any animal for that matter, they should be treated well and taken care of with special kindness.

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Millie Moves to Middle Village

In previous issues of The Juniper Berry, I discussed certain factors which influence the process of aging. I presented a framework, which at times is used to classify various age categories: the young old; the aged; and the oldest old.

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Business Spotlight: Le Jardin d'Eve Day Spa

If you dare to indulge yourself or care to surrender your senses to the point of euphoria, then a visit to Le Jardin d'Eve Day Spa is a must for women and men as well. This enchanted Garden of Eve, located in the heart of Middle Village on 80th Street just off of Eliot Avenue, is a woman's answer to payback time.

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It was once the busiest shipping channel in the country. During World War Two more tonnage moved through Newtown Creek than over the whole length of the Mississippi River. Today, the creek is mostly forgotten, as it is lined with abandoned factories.

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Aircraft the number one source of pollution

Studies show that communities with neighboring airports have higher rates of heart and lung disorders, cancer and death. La Guardia Airport admits that the aircraft flying over our homes drop fuel upon us.

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Business Spotlight: Silver Barn Farms

On the corner of 80th Street and Caldwell Avenue near Eliot Avenue lies a landmark in the Middle Village/Juniper Valley neighborhood. The landmark, known as "the dairy" to people that have grown up here since the 70's is Silver Barn Farms.

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Business Spotlight: Harry's Paint & Hardware

As you know by now Covel Hardware Store on Eliot Avenue in Middle Village has been bought by Harry Lambros of Biljac Paints & Wallpaper, which is located directly across the street.

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Now that I've reached the "Creaking Age" when everything in the body creaks and groans like the floor boards in an ancient row boat I find that what's left of my health is up a creek without a prescription.

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Roller Hockey Update

The thing that emerges as time goes on with regard to the roller hockey controversy is the tremendous ego of the hockey leaders. They think they own the sport and its territorial rights.

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