Things that are Dumb: Who needs parking? -
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Originally published in the June 2015 Juniper Berry Magazine

Things that are Dumb: Who needs parking?

The Department of City Planning, in its infinite wisdom, has determined that people in West Maspeth and parts of Middle Village should be solely reliant on public transportation. Therefore, it is proposing new zoning to promote low-income housing construction. The new rules would eliminate off-street parking requirements for homes within mile of the Metropolitan Avenue M train station and in West Maspeth. The West Maspeth determination is particularly peculiar considering there is no subway station there at all and it is not only zoned for manufacturing but also an Industrial Business Zone that is supposed to be protected from residential encroachment. Perhaps the Department of City Planning failed to read their own stats which show that a large portion of residents work in Queens or Brooklyn and need cars for commuting. Of course, JPCA is fighting this tooth and nail. We can't say the same for our elected officials who thus far have been silent on this planned change.

June 2015 Juniper Berry Magazine

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