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Originally published in the September 2011 Juniper Berry Magazine

Rail Solution? Maybe.

Railroad meeting at PS/IS 128 on August 16th.

There seems to be some movement in addressing, but not totally solving, the CSX/NY&A rail problem in Middle Village. Residents living near the tracks

have been subjected to several years worth of noise and pollution from the middle of the night and early morning railcar and locomotive testing, switching and coupling. The rail companies have turned the backyards

of homes into a rail yard.

Elected officials including Senator Addabbo, Assembly Members Andy Hevesi and Mike Miller, along with Council Member Elizabeth Crowley have held several meetings to address the matter. The Juniper Park Civic Association was represented by president, Robert Holden. At the last meeting it was

decided to accept a railroad proposal to move the loud rail operations further away from the homes; about 400-feet south of the current location, just north of Juniper Boulevard South and 69th Place. The new proposed area is near 69th Street.

Assembly Member Markey Still Missing

Noticeably absent from the many meetings is Assemblywoman Margaret Markey. Even though Markey represents most of the residents who have

been victimized by the intrusive rail activity, garbage trains, and noxious creosote railroad ties that CSX dumped next to the tracks, Markey did not bother to attend any of the meetings. But is anyone surprised?

In her entire 12-year career Markey attended only one JPCA Town Meeting and one COP104 meeting. Apparently Markey has such a disdain for her constituents that she believes she doesn't have to attend community meetings

nor do the necessary work in the community.