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Originally published in the March 2005 Juniper Berry Magazine

Letters to the Editor – March 2005

The Hoffman Farm

Dear Mr. Holden:

Sixty-ninth Place between

Caldwell and The Expressway is

a very large street which can

be used as a two-way going to

Long Island for a better flow of

traffic. Caldwell is a smaller

street with a traffic back-up

from 69th Street which causes

much pollution and accidents

on 69th Street, where a few

deaths occurred. Also, it would

be safer for the children crossing

for the school bus on 69th

Place and Caldwell. I am a

retiree and while taking my

granddaughter to the bus from

my home on Caldwell I fear for

the children and seniors.

Thank you,

John Simone


Dear JPCA:

My wife's paternal family goes

back to Middle Village in the

early to mid-1900's. She is

seeking information to help

another family member do

genealogical research. My wife's

family is named Wiebke. It was

a large family. Her grandparents

were Heinrich (or Henry) and

Wilhelmina Wiebke, originally

from Germany.They were

active members of a Lutheran

church in MV. My wife recalls it

as a large stone church with an

adjoining cemetery. It had a

wrought iron and fieldstone

fence around it.This church

may have been on Metropolitan


My wife seems to recall that

the family lived on 61st St. She

was born in Good Samaritan

Hospital, which she believes

was in Brooklyn.

Do you know of the name of

that Lutheran church in Middle

Village? If it is still in existence,

is an address, e-mail address, or

phone number available? Are

there any other leads you

might give us; perhaps someone

who is noted for genealogy in

Middle Village, or a family still

there with roots in Westphalia,


Any thoughts you may offer

will be greatly appreciated.

We have lived in Texas since

1961, and if my wife has any

kinfolk still in that area, she is

not aware of it.

Thank you very much for your


Lyn D. Davis and

Lois Ann Wiebke Davis


email: lynddavis@sbcglobal.net

Dear Mr. Holden and Officers:

Yes, we do enjoy the Juniper

Berry Magazine but most of all

it keeps us informed with what

is happening in our community.

We are glad we are members

of an organization that is not

allowing special interests to

invade Middle Village. Keep up

the great Job!!! God Bless the

Juniper Park Civic Association.


Tracey and John Gregory

Middle Village

To Whom it May concern:

Enclosed is our check for

renewal of our memberships.

The Juniper Park Civic Association

does a terrific job, the magazine

is very informative and the

newspaper keeps us up to date.

Thank you all for your efforts.


Louise Baykash

Dear Bob:

Enclosed please find my check

in the amount of $20 to renew

my membership in the Juniper

Park Civic Association. I look

forward to seeing the Juniper

Berry in the year 2005. I still

enjoy reading it and look forward

to submitting a future

article. Happy Holiday!

Matt Ciancimino

Bricktown, NJ

Dear Editor:

I want to let you know I really

look forward to receiving your

magazine. It brings back many

memories since I lived in the

Village about 40 years and have

seen many changes being made.

So with the magazine and pictures

of way back it brings back

many memories. I really enjoy it.

Happy New Year to all and

keep up the good work.


Josephine Tscherne

Middle Village

Dear JPCA :

Thanks for all that you do for

the community. I am so proud

to be affiliated with such an

honest, hardworking and ethical


Lucia Accardo

Middle Village

Dear JPCA:

Hi, I lived in Middle Village for

37 years before moving to

Staten Island. My brother, aunt

and cousins still live there and I

visit and shop there often

It has recently come to my

attention that Niederstein's

restaurant will be closing, torn

down, and condos built in its

place and condos built in the

lot across the street from it

used as their parking lot.

This is a real tragedy.The

building was built in the 1850s

and used during the Civil War

for soldiers. Many a family function

or holiday has been spent

there by all my family and many

residents of Middle Village.

In these times where more

and more of our history is

being torn down for condos,

and banks (do you think they

put enough on Metro yet?) you

have to ask when will it stop.

Is your organization aware

of this and what can be done

to stop it? I personally have

applied for Landmark status for

the building but I have been

told if a demolition permit has

been issued it is too late.This

is really terrible and a large

part of our past will disappear

with this building. Please help

or let me know how I can.


Francis Sepe

Staten Island

To the Editor:

Re: Eyesore of the Week

Enclosed please find pictures

of two business operations on

Grand Avenue Maspeth, of the

recently opened 99 cent stores.

One of these stores is on the

closer end of Grand Avenue

and 69th Street, the other is

near the closed Henry's store.

There is also another same or

similar operation on Metropolitan

Avenue in Middle Village.

If I am not mistaken these

store fronts are illegal in the

protruding 99 cent sign and the

Kago 8 99 cent yellow canopy

is not within the standard for

signs on Grand Avenue. Please

note also, these are ALL CASH,


ONLY, operations.This policy

allows for income on a cash

level basis only, with no need

for evidence of sales and purchases.

These types of stores

along Grand Avenue compete

with the normal everyday small

business owners who do not

operate on a cash only policy.

The Lions, Chamber, Kiwanis

and other community organizations

strive to maintain a beauty

and quality of the businesses

on Grand Avenue.The evidence

shown in these pictures portrays

a change from tasteful advertising

to bizarre exploitation.

Please print these pictures and

my comments in your community

newspaper to inform the

local residents of the infringement

on their rights and the

changing atmosphere in our


Very truly,

Barbara Rudzewick

Middle Village

Dear Ms. Rudzewick:

We agree.We are being overrun

with 99 Cent stores.There are

three or four on Metropolitan

Avenue, two on Grand Avenue

and one opening on Eliot Avenue

in Middle Village.

These stores have a history of

being eyesores in the neighborhood

with all their junk piled outside

with the thought that we the

people don't know it's junk.We

sometimes wonder if anything

they sell is worth any more than

99 cents!

As residents in a neighborhood

that prides itself on its neatness it

is incumbent on us to monitor

these stores. If you see their merchandise

strewn around or you

cringe at the sight as you go by,

say something to the manager.

Don't tolerate any compromise in

the tidiness of your neighborhood.

You deserve better. Remember

always, your money rules in the


Lorraine Sciulli

Dear Editor,

Please find enclosed a photo of

Hoffmann Farm. Front of house is on

Caldwell Ave. (aka Johnson Ave.)

looking south 77th Place is just

to the left (of course 77th

Place was not in existence at

the time this photo was taken).

It was a small subsistence farm

of about 7-8 acres.The boy in

the wheelbarrow is my grandfather

Henry Hoffman who died

in 1965 at 90 years of age,

making this photo circa 1880.

Perhaps you can do a before

and after photo with the ugly

homes that have recently

replaced the above farm house.

My mom is still alive at age 92

and resides in Maspeth.

Thank you,

Charles A. Kuchner

Rego Park


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