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Originally published in the December 2015 Juniper Berry Magazine

OP-ED: Conservative Views Deserve Equal Time

When one looks at the social landscape it would appear that irresponsible people now outnumber responsible people or put another way, individuals with no intention of finding work, who have their hands out for freebees outnumber hard working individuals who are forced to pay for those freebees. And what that boils down to in the minds of the responsible is that responsible people feel they can't vote their way out of the mess thus having no power to alter their situation.

It appears that surging before the eyes of the ever-shrinking number of conservatives and Constitutionalists is a large and seemingly unstoppable liberal tidal wave that continues to devour conservative values by replacing them with far left programs.

With this liberal democrat juggernaut apparently gaining momentum and support, what are Americans with conservative values, which follow the Constitution, supposed to do? Maybe a better question would be why many Americans believe there are more liberals than there actually are and why hard working, patriotic Americans seem voiceless in an entitlement society? According to a Washington Post ‒ ABC News Poll, sixty three percent of people say they are uncomfortable with the country's overall direction on social issues and four in 10 feel "strongly" uncomfortable about the nation's changes. And a 2015 Gallup Poll showed that conservatives still outnumbered liberals in 47 states out of 50.

It is without question that the public's perception that liberal ideology is on the move and that there exists a larger liberal population than actually exists is the direct result of liberal media propaganda. To his credit, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) recently exposed the lop-sided liberal hypocrisy at the CNBC Republican presidential debate when he said, The questions that have been asked so far in this debate illustrate why the American people don't trust the media.

And then there are scores of examples where a small minority of liberals using social media pretends to be a majority.

A February 17th Forbes article talked about bots which are created computer programs in social media networks that can talk and influence opinions on a variety of topics and according to a recent report by Examinar.com , the US government was offering private intelligence companies contracts to create software to manage "fake people" on social media sites. The software would be intended to protect the identity of government agencies and make it appear that the bot was a real person.

And it was Breitbart that ran an article in April 2015 that mentioned a huge volume of Hillary Clinton's Twitter and Facebook support came from fake accounts. Some 2 million of her 3.6 million Twitter followers were fabricated only to plump up Clinton's social media profile. The Daily Mail also recalled that Clinton's State Department spent $630,000 in taxpayer money to purchase phony Facebook friends in order to appear popular.

Despite the best efforts of the one sided liberal media and the entertainment industry's liberal propaganda, the fact that those on the left have to resort to creating thousands of fake liberal bloggers on social media, speaks volumes as to how insecure they are in their beliefs.

The challenge for today's conservative Americans is to continue voicing their opinions with the understanding that conservative values, although at times appearing silent, are still within the majority of this great country.

**The views expressed in this column represent only those of the author and not the board or membership of the Juniper Park Civic Association.

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