The Summer of the Guitar -
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Originally published in the September 2008 Juniper Berry Magazine

The Summer of the Guitar

Joe Lume and his new guitar

Hey everyone, it's almost Fall again!

The last time we talked I was getting ready for my summer job. It was really cool to work this summer, especially because I was able to save some money and also buy myself the guitar I wanted.

I love learning how to play. After months of practicing Guitar Hero on Xbox, I wanted to try the real thing. At first it's hard but once you get past the basics, it's a lot of fun. I taught myself but there are many places to take lessons. After learning how to play, it's really cool to hear yourself play on a recording, and I found a place on Metropolitan Avenue called the Metronome (brings back memories of the piano lessons I took when I was younger), where they not only offer lessons for five instruments, but also have a recording studio. It was awesome to record a demo with some of my friends. Each one of us got a chance to record.

So now instead of playing for hours on Xbox or PS3, I can practice my guitar....oh no, I have HOMEWORK again!!!