BERRY BITS: Knockdown Center applies for liquor license -
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Originally published in the March 2014 Juniper Berry Magazine

BERRY BITS: Knockdown Center applies for liquor license

Knockdown Center at 52-19 Flushing Avenue, Maspeth

We have a serious situation facing Maspeth. The Knockdown Center, located at 54th Street and Flushing Avenue, advertises itself as an "arts center" but has applied for a liquor license to serve hard liquor, beer and wine to up to 5,000 patrons at dance parties.

Maspeth is a quiet town and has never hosted a venue with this capacity. We are asking the public to write opposition letters addressed to James Martin in the Licensing Department of the State Liquor Authority (SLA) and fax them to 518-473-2286 (fax is the SLA's request). Or, you can e-mail your complaint to and we will fax it for you.

Please be sure to reference the serial# and applicant name in your letter.

Information from the

"Notice to Community Board"

Name of applicant: DMI Inc. (d/b/a Knockdown Center)

Date of application: 3-5-2014

Serial #: 1276855/1276856

Premises address: 52-19 Flushing Ave, Maspeth

Type of license: cabaret

Principals of the applicant entity: David Sklar

Method of operation: cabaret – Bar/tavern serving liquor, beer and wine

Type of music (if any): live, recorded and DJ music

Outside areas to be licensed (if any): Multiple patio areas

The SLA takes into consideration the impact a venue will have on public safety, noise, parking and traffic.

The plans call for up to 5,000 people to be at the site at one time. Having this many people gather at one location to drink alcohol will put a strain on police services. There have already been documented incidents of bad behavior involving drugs and alcohol at dance parties at this location.

The building is not soundproofed and most of the party space is outdoors. There are residences across the street on 54th Street and a residential community across Flushing Ave.

There is no parking provided in their plans. Public transportation and parking in the area is lacking. Their school bus shuttle system is inadequate and unsafe.

Traffic already backs up on Flushing Avenue between Metropolitan Avenue and 61st Street, making it difficult for emergency vehicles to pass through. Adding more gridlock will endanger lives.

Two people involved in this enterprise, Gina and Tony Argento, were cited by the Business Integrity Commission. The report issued by the BIC indicates that they were denied permits because they illegally ran a waste transfer operation in Brooklyn, lied about a past DWI arrest and "lack good character, honesty and integrity".

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