Carl Berner and the Circle of Life -
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Originally published in the March 2013 Juniper Berry Magazine

Carl Berner and the Circle of Life

Carl Berner with his Presidential Award

Many people in the vicinity of Middle Village and Maspeth reflected on the life of Carl Berner. This wonderful man died just short of his 111th birthday.He was a man who dedicated his life to family and community. Among the many jobs he held was that of a toy maker.I don't know when he started in this business, but I can tell you that he had a love for children.

After his death, his daughter, Emily, with the help of Sue from the Silver Barn started to clean out the basement of the house.Many (38) boxesof material that were used in the making of dolls were delivered to Marge Kromar of Trinity Lutheran Church.

Trinity has a quiet little group of dedicated women who started out making quilts for babies with Aids.Most of those children were buried in these quilts.The women have now branched out and are making crocheted lap blankets along with the quilts. These items are distributed to the Neo-Natal Unit of North Shore Hospital and to a Co-Coordinator for the Metropolitan area. Lap blankets go to Nursing Homes and Veterans' Hospitals.

In the future, a quilt will be made for Emily Berner from the material that was from her father.Not only will his daughter still be wrapped in his love, but also many babies will continue to share in the love of this wonderful man.

The memory of this man goes on in the Circle of Life. What a wonderful legacy Carl Berner has left!

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