Crackdown on Illegal Sidewalk Parking -
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Originally published in the June 2012 Juniper Berry Magazine

Crackdown on Illegal Sidewalk Parking

Car parked in front of stoop at 58-22 74 St.

The Juniper Park Civic Association (JPCA) has brought sidewalk obstruction to the forefront of quality of life issues. Throughout Maspeth and Middle Village, too many residents are parking multiple cars in driveways that block or partially block sidewalks. Some residents have even taken to illegally using walkways, entrances and sideyards as parking lots. Captain Michael Cody, Commander of the 104th Pct. said recently that his officers will ticket cars parked on sidewalks or blocking pedestrians or illegally parked in entrances. Residents are urged to call 311 and notify the JPCA with addresses of chronic violators.

June 2012 Juniper Berry Magazine

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