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Repent, Dennis Gallagher!

Thursday, November 15, 2007 - Forum West

Repent, Dennis Gallagher!

To The Editor,

After reading your account of (Councilman) Dennis Gallagher's attempts to make sure a land deal goes through on church property it further sickens me that I voted for the likes of him. Actually we really should not be surprised at this scoundrel's actions after his indictment

was handed down.

What he should be doing is looking to re-open St. Saviour's

so that he can have a place to go and repent for his sins. I think perhaps God is the only one who may have mercy on



Ellen W.

Save St. Saviour's

To the editor:

I have enjoyed your paper from the first publication. This paper is a great tool of information for the people of Queens. The reason that I am sending this letter is because we should not forget about the problem we

have with the land and buildings of St. Saviour's Church.

This is a fight that we are having with Maspeth Developers

wanting to turn this land into a housing complex of 72 homes. This company cut down 185 trees on the site, about 15 to 20 of which were more than 100 years old. We cannot let this happen because this will take away the history of when Maspeth was founded. I live across the street from what was once a very country-like setting. We do not need more housing; we need more green space and a historical center for the roots of Maspeth.

Please don't forget about St. Saviour's Church.

Thank You,

Thomas Vitale


Trucks are killing us

Dear Editor,

Crossing Grand Avenue is now a life and death situation. I

agree with many of residents interviewed in the Inquiring

Photographer, trucks are a danger on many levels. It's difficult to breath when the parade of trucks take over our community.

Mayor Bloomberg is ignoring Queens County while trucks are killing us.

William Kovacs